Manitoba Division
Forms & Publications

The following is a menu of forms and publications that are useful to the Manitoba Division of The Navy League of Canada, its Branches and Cadet Corps.


AGM Nominations to Council 2023

Certificate of Insurance Request Form

Donation Form

League Insurance Claim Form

Letter of Intent - Navy League Cadet Corps, The Navy League of Canada

Letter of Intent and Financial Disclosure - Branch, RCSCC & NLCC, The NL of Canada

Medical Questionnaire, The Navy League of Canada

Navy League Officer Personnel Transaction - NL 201


National By-Laws - NL 18

2016 Administrative Ordrs - NL 21 E

Awards and Recognition Programme - Excerpts from NL 21 E

Branch Bi-Monthly Report Format

Call to Order: Meeting Rules and Procedures for Non-Profit Organizations

Child Abuse Prevention Policy Summary, The Navy League of Canada

Harassment Prevention Policy Summary, The Navy League of Canada

Harassment, Workplace Voilence & Child Abuse Prevention Policies - NL 22

Local Support Allocation (LSA)

Lynn's Nautical Terms

Parents’ Information Handbook for Navy League Cadet Programme - NL 215

Volunteer Screening Cover Letter to Authorities

Workplace Violence Prevention Policy Summary, The Navy League of Canada

Division Training

Branch Training Agenda - 2019/03/16

Navy League Overview

Branch Organization

Navy League Branch President Cheat Sheet

Branch Organization Guide - NL 35

Sample Report to Division

Terminology, Customs, Traditions & History

Introduction to Office 365

Office 365 Email Setup

Awards and Recognition Program Presentation (PowerPoint document)

Treasurer Training

Finance NL Program Template with Add-ons (spreadsheet)

NLC Finance Template with Additional Add-ons (spreadsheet)

Branch CRA Charities Tax Receipts Example (spreadsheet)


Annual Financial Report (Word document)

Audit Report to Branch (Word document)

Cheque Requisition (Word document)


Guide for Local Support Allocation (LSA) (PDF document)

Guide for Non-Professional Auditors (PDF document)

Our Fiduciary Responsibility Regarding Funds (PDF document)

Things Financial - Training Agenda (PowerPoint document)

Things Financial - Branch Plus (PowerPoint document)

Things Financial - Officer's Training (PowerPoint document)

Things Financial Plus (PowerPoint document)