2019 Manitoba Division AGM

April 6, 2019

The Navy League of Canada Manitoba Division Annual General Meeting, at the Irish Club, April 6, 2019.
The Manitoba Division Council, Corps Commanding Officers and Honoured Guests.


The Manitoba Division's Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Saturday, April 6, 2019 at the Irish Association facilities in Winnipeg. The Division Council, Corps Commanding Officers and honoured guests, Ms. Brenda Pinto, National Sea Cadet Chair, VP The Navy League of Canada and Maj Erin McKinlay, OIC NE Area RCSU (NW), participated in this annual event to review the year’s activities, discuss upcoming activities and goals, and to elect an Executive for the upcoming year.

Ms. Brenda Pinto flew in from Newfoundland to give an update on the activities and goals of the National office of The Navy League of Canada; and Maj Erin McKinlay provided an excellent update of the activities of the Regional Cadet Support Unit (NW).


Division Commander Promotion

Our Division Commander, LCdr(NL) Clayton Kozak, was prompted to Commander(NL) during the Division AGM. Division President, Brian Hawkeye, and National Vice President, Brenda Pinto, were on hand to do the honours. Congratulations Clayton!!!

Mr. Brian Hawkeye, Division President, Cdr(NL) Clayton Kozak, Division Commander, Ms. Brenda Pinto, National VP, April 6, 2019.


In appreciation of his past four years of service as the Division President, Mr. Brian Hawkeye was presented a gift by the Division Vice President for Sea Cadets, Mr. Jim Bruce. Also, to thank Ms. Brenda Pinto, National Vice President, Mr. Brian Hawkeye presented her with a gift.

Mr. Jim Bruce, VP Sea Cadets and Mr. Brian Hawkeye, President.

Ms. Brenda Pinto, National VP and Mr. Brian Hawkeye, President.

New Executive

A new Division Executive was elected during the AGM. The following are your Executive members for the next 14 months.

Phillip Bingham

Past President
Brian Hawkeye

Vice President, Sea Cadets
Jim Bruce

Vice President, Navy League Cadets
Patti Adams

Glen Taylor

Brian Hawkeye

Awards & Scholarships
Cecile Howells

Glen Taylor

Public Relations & Communications
John Jamieson

Phillip Bingham

National Representative
Brian Hawkeye

NLC Division Commander
Cdr(NL) Clayton Kozak