The Navy League of Canada, Manitoba Division 2020 Awards

May 11, 2020

The Manitoba Division of The Navy League of Canada announced the awards to be presented to Manitoba Sea Cadets and Navy League Cadets this year. Due to COVID-19, the awards could not be presented, as usual, at their Annual Ceremonial Reviews, and will instead be presented at their first parade in the new Cadet year. Photographs from those presentations will be added at that time.


2020 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Awards

Manitoba Division Royal Canadian Sea Cadet of the Year CPO1 Andrew Puttenham
Medal of Excellence (Sea Cadet) CPO1 Igal Press
Medal of Excellence (Sea Cadet) CPO2 Gabriel Freider
Medal of Excellence (Sea Cadet) CPO2 Talia Krishka
Medal of Excellence (Sea Cadet) CPO2 Duyen Nguyen
Division Music Award PO1 Brenna Shaw
Division Music Award PO2 David Caille



2020 Navy League Cadet Awards

Manitoba Division Navy League Cadet of the Year PO1 Abigail Donaghy
Medal of Excellence (Navy League) PO1 Henri Marchildon
Medal of Excellence (Navy League) PO2 Jackson Sylvester